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Hotel Gypsy

Hotel Gypsy is a new music project that Chris has wanted to do for quite some time. It is the most basic concept of a band that you could imagine. One guitar and a singer. Chris has been recording guitar tracks with two very special guitars to him. A Hofner limited edition with a Bigsby tremelo and a Fender Telecaster both dropped down in a super low alternate tuning. Using a Marshall special edition cabinet and head creating a low raw powerful sound. No Bass guitar seemed necessary after hearing the guitar tracks. Melissa Ralston Baker is handling the vocal duties for the project with raw emotionally charged singing. Chris has several musical influences , too many to name. This project however is heavily influenced by The Kills and the Dead Weather. Jamie Hince was a major influence on Chris's guitar playing. Developing this new style was a necessity due to damage to Chris's hands from MS. Hince inspired new ways to approach the guitar and develop the sound Chris landed on for this project. Hotel Gypsy is expecting to release a CD in 2019.