About Me

Who is Chris Cox?

I was born in Dallas, Tx. and grew up in DeSoto Tx. just south of Dallas. I have played music for most of my life. I have played music to 10 people and to 10,000 people. I've been in a few different bands in my life and worked as a studio musician also. I have always loved art and made some of my own in different painting mediums along the way. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and my life changed drastically. Over the next 13 years I would learn to do things in new ways because my body was betraying me. My hands and feet have been numb since my diagnosis. This is a huge obstacle for a musician and artist. I have had to teach myself over and over again new ways to play the guitar. I continue to adapt to my situation as MS damage has become more widespread in my body. I still try to play music and record but no longer play live or tour. As my dexterity became worse the difficulty controlling a paintbrush or pencil was overwhelming until I stumbled upon spray paint artwork. This opened a new door for me because the paint cans were easier to hold than a paintbrush. The majority of my work is done with spray paint. I also became a patient advocate speaker for MS awareness telling my story and discussing MS drug therapies across the U.S.

I am focusing mainly on my new blog sharing my experiences and opinions about MS now.  I think sharing our experiences with MS is crucial for MS awareness. So I'm just a guy with MS trying to be the best version of myself each day.

New Blog has nothing to hide

I plan to share everything I have experienced with MS. Nothing is off limits.

The reason I do this

If I don't share the good and the bad times with MS people may never come close to grasping what it is like to have MS. All of our stories are different with MS. My blog is mainly about my feelings and experiences but I do share thoughts about others I have seen and know with MS.